I really started shaping boards when I was 14 years old. There were a lot of old boards to work with, and the big trend those days was moving from the single fin to thruster. I was doing a lot of ding repairs for my friends, as well as converting single fins to thruster setups. I did all of this in a shed in my parentÍs back yard. I started COS with Mark Reichenstein in 1989 while I was finishing a Bachelors Degree at Jacksonville University. I was disappointed with the flat bottom boards that were convenient for production, but were not truly the performance board that they claimed to be. I hired Howard Tanner to shape, and we sold boards out of Marks store in Mayport, South Coast Surf Shop. From 1990 to 1992, I was consistently shaping boards in San Diego under a few labels, including Clean Ocean Surfboards. I was working along side William Graham, who specialized in big custom single fin guns for traveling surfers. He was an important influence at the time because he was committed to making boards as they were in the 70s, using resin tints and heavy glass, which was very uncommon at the time. In 1993, I was working on my MasterÍs degree at Jacksonville University. At that time, I opened the Clean Ocean Surfboards factory where I have shaped and glassed ever since. In 2002, I opened Clean Ocean Surf Shop on 3rd Street in Jacksonville Beach. I partnered with Bill Kelly and moved to the current location near the pier in 2004. I believe that a shaper should be able to shape all designs for any variety of surfing styles and waves. All surfers surf differently and need different equipment to maximize their skill level. I currently shape everything from performance shortboards and longboards to classic noseriders, guns, and modernized retro shapes. We also specialize in ultralight performance glass jobs, 60s style resin tints, and volan work. We consider ourselves a full service glass shop. Call the shop and schedule an appointment, I would be happy to meet and discuss what type of board you would like to ride. (904) 247-3810, Tony Iannarone.